As a scholar of American political rhetoric I write about America's history of citizenship and how what we've thought about how citizens can act politically in the past has informed citizen apathy and disengagement today. As a teacher of college-age citizens I use the classroom as a forum for learning the skills necessary to enable a lifetime of active citizenship. All of my courses emphasize critical thinking and political engagement.

I have taught 17 different courses at Texas A&M University. Through my classes my students have:

  • Discussed and debated political events.
  • Learned about the electoral process.
  • Studied the media's effect on politics.
  • Learned critical thinking and debate skills.
  • Written advocacy letters for local non-profit organizations and volunteered as a class to help those organizations.
  • Acted as "political consultants" and devised campaign strategy plans.
  • Been deputized as Brazos County Voter Registrars and registered new voters on and off-campus.
  • Hosted distinguished politicians.
  • Partnered with the Commission on Presidential Debates to host DebateWatch events on campus.
  • Written ceremonial speeches for Congressman Bill Flores, which he delivered at public events.