Dr. Jennifer Mercieca

I teach courses on rhetoric and politics at Texas A&M University. My spring, 2019 courses:

COMM 438: Propaganda. (syllabus)

We will examine issues relevant to the public sphere, citizenship, and democracy by examining propaganda in American political discourse. Our readings and discussions will focus on four topics: 1) understanding how propaganda works; 2) propaganda message creation and analysis; 3) propaganda circulation and amplification; and, 4) whether or not it is possible to debunk propaganda. Our course readings, class discussions, and written work will examine the importance of propaganda in American political discourse.

COMM 243h: Argumentation. (syllabus)

This course is designed to acquaint students with the techniques, theories, and practice of argument construction and criticism. Through assigned readings, classroom discussions and debates, and written papers students will learn theories of rhetoric, ethics, the public sphere, and reasoning. Our class will be organized as a public sphere itself, thus students are encouraged to bring in complaints, curiosities, and confusions about issues in the public sphere for the class to discuss. Assigned readings will draw from Argument, Rhetorical Theory, and mass media effects.