In progress: Demagogue for President: The   Rhetorical Brilliance of Donald Trump (under   contract with Texas A&M University Press). How did   Trump take advantage of pre-existing distrust,   polarization, and frustration to win the presidency? I   analyze his campaign rhetoric to demonstrate how he   consistently used ad hominem, ad baculum, ad   populum, paralipsis, refication, and American   exceptionalism to move his followers from suspicion   to separation to action.

 Founding Fictions (University of Alabama Press,   2010). How did the American founders imagine that   the people would participate in a government based   upon a will of the people? Why do Americans call their   government a democracy when the founders thought   that they had formed a republic? Does   that difference matter? Why did Jacksonians turn   citizens into partisans? 

  The Rhetoric of Heroic Expectations: Establishing the   Obama Presidency (Texas A&M University Press,   2014). What does it do to us and to our democracy that   we make heroes out of political leaders like Barack   Obama? How does our turning leaders into heroes   affect a president's ability to lead? This edited volume   addresses those questions, and more. 

Dr. Jennifer Mercieca

Associate Professor, Texas A&M University